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About Us

Elite Women Around The World® dba Women's Business & Leadership Development Center is a global network of individuals, leaders, organizations, businesses, coming together with a shared mission to develop, grow and support the economic and social stability of women and girls through entrepreneurial and leadership programs creating a worldwide platform for Leadership, mentorship, economic advancement & empowerment for women; Job creation and collaboration among women businesses; Educating and developing the next generation of women leaders; Building of alliances with businesses and civic organizations that encourage and embrace gender equality, diversity and inclusion; Education and insights on business issues for global opportunities; Strategic networking among local, national, and global leaders.
Mission: To Enhance The Economic Position of Women Globally

What It Means to the World!

Regional effort with a global reach to create collaboration and alliances among individuals, companies and organizations for the economic advancement and empowerment of women.


To create and achieve empowerment among women and thus, make a difference worldwide in the lives of women and girls.

Our Service to the Regional & Global Community

At EWAW Women's Business & Leadership Development Center we have brought together global leaders and our regional community - men and women in a collaborative way to connect, inspire, promote and solve some of the global and local issues concerning the economic future of women and young girls in our society.
We have brought to our community some of the most powerful and innovative summits, conferences and forums that educate and connect women around leadership and prepare young women towards a better economic future for themselves and their families.


Elite Women Around The World® was founded by its CEO, Rita N. Singh in Cleveland, Ohio in May of 2005. The development of the project took five (5) plus years in research, augmentations of vision, strategic direction, execution and implementation of the first phase of the project. The entire idea of forming this diverse global group of women came about from Rita’s involvement and participation over the past thirty (30) years in different organizations. She felt that there was a tremendous need to have a global collaborative network initiative where individuals and companies could tap into the vast resource of women skills to build entrepreneurship worldwide and women lifting one another through a structured mentoring program with an effort to bring global closer to home, and that lead to the formation of a Worldwide Women Skills Data bank; Global Mentoring Matchmaking Program; Global Speaker’s Bureau. Since its inception Elite Women Around The World® has brought together a diversity of women leaders and men who believe and champion and invest in shaping their economic future.
Over the years Rita has created, organized and spearheaded many regional and global civic and economic projects. She is a person of broad and deep accomplishments, with a global mindset to create success strategies worldwide. At various times she has excelled as an expert entrepreneur, brilliant executive coach & leadership strategist, dynamic speaker, author and moderator, philanthropist and thought leader, trained consultant and CPA. Rita’s leadership is making a difference worldwide. Her vision has provided the philanthropic “fuel” to address the vital issues facing our community. She is an exceptional leader who serves as a role model to others with her unconditional service to her community and to the world. 
In 2019 Elite Women Around The World® is serving the community as EWAW Women's Business & Leadership Development Center

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